Simple or Complex.

Paysody can fulfill any needs.

Whether a business requires a simple payment solution or complex software integration, we can fulfill any merchant’s payment processing needs. Our solutions are built around security, transparency and integration.


While our customers range in size from small shops to large businesses throughout USA, they all have in common a desire for a swift, convenient and secure platform for accepting credit card payments.

Why Paysody?

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of options in payment processors. And, there are a lot of ways to accept card payments. But, be advised—all merchant processing services aren’t created equal. Here are some factors to consider when you’re selecting Paysody.

Industry experience. We have a proven track record in the payments processing industry.

Tailored to your industry. Every business has different needs depending on their industry. We have an experience in your line of business so we can advise you on payment solutions that are the best fit and can help you grow.

Commitment to data security. Data security should always be a top priority. We have tools that help you detect and protect against fraud by securing card data.  Our security tools bundled simply and smartly to take the work off of you and your business.

Global ePricing

Merchants can accept Visa and Mastercard online transactions in any currency and get paid in US dollars.

Global ePricing is an advanced tool that simultaneously caters to the needs of the merchant as well as their international consumers. Paysody has solution for not-present US-based merchants who wish to venture into new markets and/or offer improved services to their customers by accepting payments in foreign currencies while still receiving funding in US dollars.


The platform protects sensitive payment information with point-to-point encryption (P2PE), patented tokenization and a PCl-compliant hosting environment. Each and every transaction processed on the platform is protected, reducing the PCI audit scope for businesses of all sizes.


We are particularly proud of its successful partnerships with software companies that integrate payments into their applications. Our developer tools and comprehensive APIs make it easy to seamlessly integrate secure payment acceptance into already existing systems for a plug-and-play experience.

What makes us different


Among the most sophisticated
in the industry, Paysody provides merchants with transparent and detailed information for all of their business transactions. We also ensure merchants understand the full lifecycle of their payment processing and associated transaction costs, providing the most optimized rates possible.


Our dedicated support team will act as a main lifesaver to answer daily questions, address issues and provide ongoing support to ensure a successful relationship.

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